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From their first gummy smile as an infant to visits from the Tooth Fairy as a toddler, your child’s oral health is an important part of their formative years. Caring for teeth not only helps with oral health but also their overall health and wellbeing. Teeth are essential in teaching your child to speak and eat, bringing shape to their face, and providing a map for permanent teeth to grow into. With this in mind, oral health starts long before the first tooth appears and is an essential part of a child’s daily routine.

pediatric dentistry in NW Calgary

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth

For children, there are certain risks to consider in their oral health. Primary teeth are coated with a thin enamel layer that will be thicker on permanent teeth. This thin layer poses a higher risk of tooth decay as children. Exercising proper dental care from the start is essential for children to form healthy oral habits like flossing and brushing every day. The pediatric dentistry team at Valley Ridge Dental Centre is experienced in these matters and can help with forming healthy habits, advising on nutrition, and supporting successful home care.

Regular visits to the dentist are also valuable additions to a daily dental care routine. We offer pediatric dentistry in NW Calgary, AB T3B 5V4 to help educate your child on dental hygiene while providing a thorough cleaning and examination. The Valley Ridge Dental Centre difference is our dedication to providing the best experience to all our patients—starting with childhood oral health.

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Our Services

Our team is dedicated to providing pediatric dentistry in NW Calgary, AB T3B 5V4 as well as providing a child-friendly experience. Pediatric dentistry, or pedodontics, is a specialty area focusing on the treatment of young adults, children, and infants. This type of dentistry requires friendliness and patience to teach young children how to take care of their teeth and understand the importance of oral health care. Our pediatric dentist near you understands dental visits can be intimidating for young children, so we take time to establish trust and strive to create a pleasant experience for them. By creating an enjoyable experience, kids will feel comfortable returning and motivated to care for their teeth at home. We are proud to offer pediatric dentistry near you.

Tips for At-Home Dental Care

Of course, oral health happens outside of the dentist’s office for the most part. A daily routine is essential in long-term oral health. Here are some ways to practice good oral health care at home.

Reduce Sugar

There is sugar in most drinks— especially juice, soft drinks, and milk. This is harmful to that thin enamel layer on primary teeth. If your child regularly consumes these they will be at a higher risk for cavities which is detrimental to development. Instead, opt for water, especially before bedtime.

Regular Visits to the Dentist

As we mentioned, your child should have regular visits to the dentist. You might be questioning when to start these. After the first tooth breaks through? When they are a toddler? The answer is to start the first visit when your baby is one-year-old and then every six months after. Children should visit twice a year to prevent tooth decay and cavities. The dentist can remove plaque that is hard to reach and monitor any developments—providing pediatric dentistry in NW Calgary, AB T3B 5V4.

Start with Baby Teeth

Even before teeth start breaking through, you can start good oral health care by wiping your baby’s gums twice a day with a soft, damp cloth. When the first tooth appears, you can use a soft-bristle toothbrush to begin the daily brushing routine. For optimal health, you will need to avoid leaving your baby with milk or a juice-filled bottle at bedtime. Instead, swap it out for water.

Toddler Health Care

Starting at age three, encourage your toddler to brush their own teeth (supervised) for two minutes twice a day. Use a small amount of non-fluoride toothpaste that should be spat out and not swallowed. Teaching them this skill also requires checking if all teeth have been brushed. Once your child learns to brush without swallowing toothpaste, you can switch them to a fluoridated toothpaste.

Another thing to watch out for is thumb sucking. This habit can impact the development and alignment of permanent teeth and you should consult a dentist if this occurs regularly.

The Valley Ridge Difference

At Valley Ridge Dental, we understand the importance of developing proper dental care routines at an early stage. It can impact your child for the rest of their lives! Regular visits and a daily routine can prevent tooth decay and cavities. For pediatric dentistry in NW Calgary, AB, contact our clinic. We can provide pediatric dental services near you to your family and create healthy smiles all around!