Myths About Root Canal Treatment

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sample tooth for root canal treatment

What’s worse than being informed that you require a root canal? Unfortunately, most patients experience too much fear to schedule the additional dental session they need to resolve the issue.

Patients have told us all misconceptions about our dentist in NW Calgary, scaring them into delaying their root canals for years. There has been unjustified slander and much misleading information about the treatment. It’s time for everyone to dispel these misconceptions and become knowledgeable about root canals.

Myth 1: Root Canal Treatment is Painful

There’s no getting around that “root canal” sounds terrible. However, the dentist uses an anesthetic to numb the gums during a root canal.

People are afraid of root canals because they do not know what the treatment is all about. You won’t remember the treatment because dentists can also administer nitrous oxide and anti-anxiety medication. Most people can return to work or school the next day after having a root canal! The area has been uncomfortable for a few days, although the pain is not excruciating.

Myth 2: Root Canal Treatment Causes Illness

Today, dental clinics must adhere to tight guidelines for disease prevention and the security of their employees and clients. For instance, all equipment in contemporary dentistry clinics is autoclave sterilized between patients. For each patient, fresh, disposable needles are used.

Price recommended extractions as a less dangerous alternative to root canal therapy near you. Root canals are less hazardous than extractions regarding the risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream. This false information is complex because it discourages patients from receiving the essential care they need to save their teeth.

Myth 3: It’s Better to Pull a Tooth Than Have a Root Canal Treatment

When at all feasible, it is ideal to keep your teeth. After all, you only received one set. In the space left by tooth extraction, your other teeth may move and become out of alignment. The loss of teeth may also cause bone loss.

Remember that bridges and implants are costly if you later regret your preference and hope to close the void in your smile. Although extracting a tooth that would typically require a root canal might be less expensive in the short term, doing so could be harmful in the long run.

Myth 4: Only Successful For a Brief Time

A tooth with this treatment can last a lifetime. The tooth’s nerve is removed after the treatment, cutting off its blood supply. The tooth becomes more fragile as a result. A crown or filling is put in a subsequent session to safeguard the tooth and keep it germ-free.

A root canal treatment fails. You choose not to get a crown because you feel well after the initial treatment. Simply because the discomfort has decreased doesn’t mean all is well. A height can be necessary if the tooth is a molar. The stress of grinding and chewing will be prevented on the tooth.

Myth 5: It is the Removal of the Tooth’s Root

Many people wrongly think this surgery involves removing the roots of their teeth from the gums when they hear about it. It’s a typical fallacy that a root canal clears the tooth’s root.

Instead, the dentist uses root canal files to drill into the tooth to extract the pulp, germs, and other debris. Consider the tooth’s canals similar to an ear or a waterway. In the channel, hypochlorite is used to clean it out and rinse it. It has the same sense as getting a filling.

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Knowing the correct information regarding root canals will help you realize how unnerving this process is. Find a trustworthy root canal treatment dentist. By thoroughly describing what will happen during and after the treatment, they help allay your fears. Please contact our office in NW Calgary if you have any inquiries regarding getting a root canal.

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