Root Canal Therapy in NW Calgary, AB

Root Canal Therapy Near You

Teeth are made of several layers. The outer layer is the enamel that surrounds the dentin. Inside the dentin are layers of hard tissue that make up the root canal system, and the root canal system is full of soft pulp that contains nerves and blood vessels. All of the teeth in your mouth have a strand of pulp that provides the tooth with the necessary nutrients. The nerves in the pulp extend from the tooth down into the root of the tooth. When the tissue inside the tooth becomes infected or injured, the roots of the tooth die. If you do not receive appropriate endodontic care, these dead roots can lead to the whole tooth dying as well. The goal of root canal therapy is to save teeth that have been damaged like this to prevent them from dying.

valley ridge dental root canal

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy Near You?

Some people experience no symptoms as their tooth is dying and only realize there is a problem when it is too late. However, most people will experience some of these common symptoms.

  • Toothache so painful it wakes you up
  • Tooth pain that lingers when hot or cold foods are in contact with the affected area
  • Extreme pain in your tooth when pressure is applied to the affected area
  • Radiating pain that stems from one area in your mouth
  • Small bumps near the painful area
  • A tooth that darkens in colour

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should call your dentist about being examined for root canal therapy in Calgary, AB. Our dentists have extensive experience in handling these cases and can quickly help you if necessary.

Next Steps

For your dentist and their team to determine if you do indeed need root canal therapy near you, they will use an X-ray to determine the cause of your symptoms. If it is determined that you need root canal therapy, your dentist will prepare you for the procedure. This often happens quickly as the goal is to save the tooth before it dies.

The Procedure for Root Canal Therapy

Your dentist will ensure you are comfortable and that the area being treated will be thoroughly numb. The procedure will begin with your dentist making a small hole in your tooth so they can reach the root canal. Your dentist will remove the pulp, clean, and disinfect the inside of the tooth before filling and sealing it.


After root canal therapy is completed, your dentist may recommend you have a crown placed on the tooth in order to keep it strong. You will likely be sore for a week or two, but your capped tooth should last as long as a healthy tooth. Schedule your consultation today!

Calgary-based dentists work hard to save as many of your original teeth as possible when complications arise. Losing your natural teeth can create other oral health complications, and we want to help you avoid this. Saving your tooth is the best possible outcome, and root canal therapy in Calgary, AB can help achieve this.