Why Removing Wisdom Teeth Is Such A Common Procedure

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Despite their name, wisdom teeth do not make you wiser. They don’t actually do much at all! If they move into the wrong position in your mouth, they can cause quite a bit of drama. In many cases, it is just better to remove them ahead of time, even if they are not causing issues.

While wisdom teeth removal is probably not high on your to-do list, this procedure is actually very common and necessary. It is one of the top procedures performed at our dental clinic in NW Calgary!

Keep reading to find out why wisdom teeth removal is such a common procedure.

Get Ahead of The Problem

Wisdom teeth can become a real problem. These molars form at the back of your mouth. There are usually four of them, two on the bottom and two on top. This is the third and last set of molars to come through. They emerge through your gums, in your late teens or early 20s. They are not necessary for chewing.

Sometimes wisdom teeth can become impacted. They try to grow into a spot with no room, crowding the rest of the teeth. This can occur if wisdom teeth grow flat on the side or at an angle. This situation leads to pain, cysts, and other damage to the teeth or bones. This can lead to bleeding or swollen gums, and even periodontitis. The cysts cause jaw and nerve damage, which prevents you from being able to chew properly.

There can be some discomfort when they grow normally as well. If they become infected, that’s another thing to worry about.

To avoid all of this, people just have them removed sooner rather than later. Instead of waiting for an issue to arise, they get ahead of the problem. This decision can be made with the help of your dentist and staff at Valley Ridge Dental Centre.

If you’ve been advised by a dentist to have your wisdom teeth removed following a check-up or x-ray, it’s important to take their advice and schedule an appointment. You might be worried, but the following information should help you realize that this procedure might not be as painful as you think:

The Procedure Doesn’t Hurt Much

Since this is such a common procedure, dental clinics know how to accomplish it with little to no pain to you. There are options like local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia. All of these lessen or remove the discomfort for the entire procedure.

During the procedure, the dentist or surgeon disconnects the tissue around the teeth and removes them. The whole process is normally pretty short and is accomplished as an outpatient procedure.

Recovery Hurts Less than Impacted Teeth

An impacted wisdom tooth is painful. It is growing with nowhere to go! The procedure, on the other hand, requires you to take it easy and heal after the teeth are removed. Recovery is painful but not as bad as the alternative, which is letting the wisdom teeth overcrowd the mouth. You can expect anything from mild uncomfortableness to infections if the impacted tooth is not treated.

Dental practitioners can provide pain-relievers to help with the healing period. However, it’s pretty painless and an overall fast recovery period.

Prevent Future Issues

As mentioned before, some people remove wisdom teeth before they have a chance to become impacted. There are other reasons to remove wisdom teeth too that involve future dental concerns. Some of those concerns revolve around the potential harbouring of disease, complications with age, and the need for other dental procedures. Wisdom teeth might be in the way of another tooth in need of care and attention. By removing them, you have more space in the mouth.

Avoid Dry Socket

Since this procedure is so common, dental experts know what the complications are and how to address them. One complication in healing is called dry socket. This is when a clot over the extraction area is moved and exposes bone and nerve. It can be healed with a paste or a brief procedure to move the tissue around. It is very painful and important to avoid by following after-care instructions. Avoid straws and be gentle with your mouth.

Make it Easy on Yourself

It is possible to make this procedure easier on yourself. It starts by working with a dentist or oral surgeon you know and trust. Look for a practice that performs this procedure often and knows what they are doing with good reviews to back them up. 

It is also wise to have the surgery earlier on in life. If you wait, the roots take a stronger form and create a more difficult extraction process. Healing can take with age as well. You will have an increased chance of abscesses and cysts.

Ask Your Dentist Questions

Yes, this is a common procedure, but you should still ask all of your questions in advance. If you are not positive about when or why you need your wisdom teeth removed, take the time to learn. Create a game plan and follow it. Who knows? Maybe your dentist will even decide you do not need them removed after all! Some of the top questions to ask include:

  • How many wisdom teeth will need to be removed?
  • What are the anesthesia options?
  • What is the expected length of the procedure?
  • Has there been damage to other teeth yet?
  • What does the healing process look like?
  • When can I return to normal activity and diet?

If you think it is time to have your wisdom teeth removed or just have questions about the procedure, please contact our dental office in NW Calgary. Our dental experts and friendly staff at Valley Ridge Dental Centre are here to help! We will ensure you are comfortable during the whole procedure, from start to finish!

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