What is a TMJ Specialist?

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TMJ Treatment in NW Calgary

Everyone’s health situation is different, which means that a treatment that works for one person may not be as effective for someone else. Not to mention that our bodies are highly complex, and that’s where specialists come into play.

Health specialists, including oral health specialists, offer patients a more detailed, impacted diagnosis and treatment plan than general practitioners. They’ll be able to explain your condition more clearly and help you understand what is happening inside your body.

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A lot of people aren’t too familiar with TMJ and its related condition TMD but should be.

TMJ is an abbreviation for temporomandibular joint; these joints come in a pair and can be found on either side of our face, attaching our jaw to our skull. These joints allow our jaw to function much like a hinge and slide from back to front and side to side.

TMD stands for temporomandibular disorder. This is when the muscles and joints in question prevent your jaw from moving freely as it’s meant to. The systems of our body are highly interconnected, so even when one single aspect isn’t functioning properly, we can experience other side effects like chronic aches, lockjaw, difficulty chewing, and constant headaches. TMD can manifest due to unnecessary and excessive strain on your joints, teeth clenching and grinding (also known as bruxism), and trauma to your upper body.

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Finding a TMJ Specialist

Within the realm of dentistry, in particular, a TMJ specialist doesn’t technically exist. Rather, if you need treatment to repair this joint and alleviate any related symptoms, your general dentist will refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. These experts possess in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and have been trained to perform a large range of reconstructive procedures.

Prior to committing to any treatment, don’t be afraid to do some research and reach out to a dentist near you to learn more about an individual’s credentials, experience, and reputation. Getting a second option from another dentist in NW Calgary is also a wise idea to keep in mind.

When you come in to visit an oral surgeon, the first thing they’ll do is conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your mouth as well as take a series of high-quality x-rays of your teeth, gums, and bones. This will provide them with a conclusive picture of the current standing of your oral health and the extent of care you require.

Ways to Relieve TMJ Pain

Sometimes, your body can deal with TMJ pain on its own. But when it can’t, there are some steps you can take to help your body heal.

  1. Wear a mouthguard. This will eliminate any grinding.
  2. Practice jaw exercises. Your dentist will be able to help you with these.
  3. Don’t chew your nails, hard gumballs, or ice. Consuming softer foods means your jaw doesn’t have to work as hard and your muscles will relax more.
  4. Try to limit jaw movement, such as those actions necessary to yawn or sing.
  5. Press an ice pack to your face for fifteen minutes at a time.

Are you interested in receiving convenient and effective TMJ treatment near you? At Valley Ridge Dental Centre, our staff is here to aid you with all your oral health endeavors. No one deserves to live with oral pain and stiffness. So, call, come in, or visit our website to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists to get started! We look forward to working with you!

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