Considering Braces as An Adult? You Might Want to Think About an Invisalign

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considering braces as an adult you might want to think about invisalign

If you’re an adult considering braces, you probably already know the embarrassment and discomfort that can come from going through life with a crooked smile. Perhaps getting braces wasn’t an option when you were younger, or perhaps your teeth have shifted as you’ve aged. Whatever the reason, braces serve more than just cosmetic purposes. Your oral health has major impacts on the rest of your well-being, and teeth that are severely out of place can pose health risks.

Whether you want to straighten a few teeth or require major orthodontic corrections, you likely do not relish walking around with a mouth full of metal. Many grownups who seek braces do not want them to be visible. Indeed, many are put off by the prospect of going through their adult life with the braces of a teenager.

Luckily, there is an alternative: Invisalign. It is offered by many orthodontists nationwide. Here at Valley Ridge Dental Centre, we are the leading provider of Invisalign in Calgary.

What Is Invisalign?

One of the most popular alternatives to traditional braces, Invisalign braces are invisible. They come as clear mouthpieces that fit closely over the teeth and gradually move them into their desired positions. The shape of the mouthpieces changes over time as the teeth move. They are removable and can be used to treat various orthodontic conditions, but they do have limited efficacy in treating severe orthodontic problems.

While there is a lot that Invisalign can do, it isn’t appropriate for everyone. If you want to use Invisalign to help correct your smile, keep reading to see if you are a good candidate. Don’t forget to talk to your orthodontist to better understand all your options.

Invisalign is a good treatment for people who want orthodontics without the hassle, discomfort, and self-consciousness of traditional braces. Invisalign can be used to treat many common conditions, including:

Is Invisalign Right for You?

-Underbite: When the teeth on the bottom jaw protrude over the upper teeth. This condition is obvious and, therefore, can cause those affected a fair degree of self-consciousness. It can also cause speech and chewing issues.

-Overbite: When the upper teeth protrude over the bottom teeth. While a slight overbite is common in most people, a pronounced overbite can lead to health issues such as TMJ, teeth grinding, and pattern headaches.

-Crossbite: A misalignment of the teeth. The upper and lower teeth do not align correctly when the jaw is closed. The bottom teeth may be behind the upper teeth at certain points in the jaw and in front of them in other places or vice versa. It can also cause teeth grinding, accelerated decay, and gum disease.

-Uneven Spacing: can refer to small gaps, missing teeth, or even overcrowded teeth. The uneven spacing of teeth can create more places for food and bacteria to get stuck, leading to bad breath and cavities.

-Crooked Teeth: Teeth that are not in line with the rest of those in the jaw or grew in incorrectly (i.e. at an angle, behind other teeth). It can sometimes result from overcrowding and can cause impacted teeth, which can be very painful.

Our orthodontist will do a full assessment of your oral health before making a recommendation as to which types of braces you should use. Invisalign is limited to treating severe orthodontic conditions, so they might not be for you if you require extensive work. If this is the case, it is also possible that your orthodontist will start you with another, more intense type of braces – like traditional braces – and eventually switch you to Invisalign as you progress.

Why Choose Invisalign?

Invisalign has many advantages over other types of braces. They tend to be more comfortable for the wearer and, of course, cannot be seen. But many other advantages make Invisalign one of the best corrective orthodontic treatments available:

-Removable and Easy to Clean: Unlike other braces, Invisalign mouthpieces are easily removable. It makes it much easier to clean your teeth. With traditional braces, harmful plaque and tartar can build up around the hardware. But with Invisalign, you brush your teeth as you normally would. It can save you from bad breath, cavities, tooth stains and discoloration.

-No Food Restrictions: Since Invisalign aligners are removable, you’re supposed to take them out before you eat. This way, you don’t have to worry about foods getting stuck or causing damage as you would with traditional braces. With Invisalign, you can pretty much eat whatever you want.

-Computer Modelling: The Invisalign system allows your orthodontist to use computer simulations to map your mouth and generate an accurate estimate of how long the treatment will take. It also allows them to update your progress, easily adjust any changes, and create a model of your anticipated results.

The Invisalign process works in five easy steps:

How Much Does Invisalign Work?

  1. Initial Consultation: The first step is to meet with your orthodontist to determine exactly what needs to be done to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. At this consultation, they will make a treatment plan and determine if Invisalign is right for you.
  2. Making the Moulds: The doctor will take X-rays and make impressions of your teeth. These will serve as the basis for the aligners.
  3. Begin Treatment: Once your aligners are made, you’ll begin your treatment and wear them every day. They only come out when you eat or brush your teeth.
  4. Check-In: During your treatment, you’ll have routine check-ups with your orthodontists to ensure everything is progressing.
  5. Completion: You’ll walk away with a great new smile at the end of your treatment.

Call for an Invisalign Consultation

If Invisalign is an appealing option for adult braces, contact us today. As a leading provider of these clear braces, we can tell you your options and how soon you can get that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of. Contact our NW Calgary dental clinic today!

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