5 Typical Myths About Wisdom Teeth Removal

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5 common misconceptions about wisdom teeth removal

Everyone knows someone who has had their wisdom teeth removed. The prospect of growing new teeth and having them pulled is unwelcome at any age, but we seem to balk at it more and more the older we get. New tooth growth is something that we traditionally associate with children; many would be surprised to learn that most people often finish growing their wisdom teeth once they reach adulthood.

It is just one of many common myths that surround wisdom teeth. At Valley Ridge Dental Centre, we’ve seen how these misconceptions often scare people from getting the dental care they need.

Here are five of the most common wisdom teeth misconceptions debunked:

Only Teenagers Need Wisdom Teeth Removed, As mentioned earlier. Most people don’t finish growing their wisdom teeth until their twenties – well into adulthood. That’s not to say some people won’t need theirs removed earlier. Many teens need their wisdom teeth removed, especially if they have braces and experience crowding along the jaw.

When it comes to adults, however, they are much more likely to write off the pain and discomfort caused by wisdom teeth – or attribute it to something else entirely because they believe that it is only an issue for teens.

Ignoring the incoming wisdom teeth is risky. They can cause many issues if left unchecked: cavities, shifted teeth, migraines, and tissue degradation, to name a few.

1. Pain with a Wisdom Tooth Is Normal and Can Be Ignored

Pain caused by a wisdom tooth can sometimes be hard to identify, especially before it comes through the gums. It is often described as a dull pain or pressure in the back of the jaw and can sometimes be accompanied by headaches. This pain and discomfort are expected – in the sense that many people experience it – but that does not mean it should be ignored.

Wisdom teeth can often become impacted. Aside from being intensely painful, this can cause your other teeth to be pushed out of alignment. Left untreated, it can result in tooth loss or even the need for braces. It can also cause damage to the jawbone and the surrounding teeth – especially if the tooth comes in at an irregular angle.

Don’t wait to see your dentist in NW Calgary if you’re having jaw pain. If a wisdom tooth causes the pain, waiting will only allow more time for the issue to worsen – it will not go away on its own.

2. Everyone Will Need All Four Wisdom Teeth Removed

Another common myth is that everyone will eventually need to have all four wisdom teeth removed. It may be the experience of some, but it is by no means universal.

To start, only some have wisdom teeth. Others may have them below the gum line, and they may never grow in or cause problems. Still, others may only grow in a few or all four without issues. Likewise, you can have all four wisdom teeth grow in and only need a few removed.

Bottom line: if the tooth is not causing issues or does not look like it will cause issues in the future, it doesn’t need to be extracted.

Another little-known fact about wisdom teeth: they can cause pain and become impacted even if they don’t come up through the gums; sometimes, they can grow sideways and hit the roots of the neighbouring molars or shift things around in the jawbone itself. In cases like this, they would still need to be removed, even if they aren’t visible.

3. All Four Must Come in Before They Can Be Removed

Some people think you need to wait for all four wisdom teeth to grow before you can remove them. As we mentioned, not everyone will grow four wisdom teeth, and not all need to be removed. Many people only need to have one or two taken out or have their teeth removed in multiple procedures.

You don’t need to wait until you have pain in all four corners of your mouth to see a dentist – one is more than enough. It is very common to have one or two wisdom teeth removed in one procedure and then remove the others later if they become an issue.

With that said, your dentist may suggest removing all of them immediately if, based on the X-rays, you will eventually need them.

4. The Surgery Is Painful, and You’re Awake the Whole Time

Many people experience anxiety when going to the dentist, especially if a surgical procedure is involved. It is why many people put off having their wisdom teeth extracted for as long as possible. In reality, they’re just increasing the dental work they need.

The wisdom tooth extraction in NW Calgary itself doesn’t have to be scary. Many places offer options about what anesthesia they use, be it laughing gas (in which case, you would be awake but feel no pain) or one that would put you completely to sleep.

In either case, the dentist will ensure you won’t feel discomfort during the procedure. After the procedure, they will likely prescribe pain management medications for use during recovery.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Wisdom Teeth Today

If you’re experiencing pain and soreness in your jaw and the back of your gums, don’t wait. It could be caused by wisdom teeth, even if you don’t see them coming through your gums. Contact us at Valley Ridge Dental Centre today to schedule an appointment for wisdom teeth removal. We’ll get those pesky wisdom teeth out and set you on the path to good oral health. Our NW Calgary dental clinic is here to serve all your dental needs.

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